Welding Robots

Robot Controllers

OTC DAIHEN welding robot controllers are user-friendly with advanced capabilities to connect with factory management systems for operational efficiency. Our controllers can connect to factory management systems via OPC unified architecture (OPC UA) and can connect to SMART devices via EtherCAT.

OTC DAIHEN FD21 robotic welding controller
OTC DAIHEN FD21 robotic welding controller

FD21 Robot Controller

The FD21 robot controller offers built-in support to connect and share operational, production and performance data with your factory network and production management systems. There’s also built-in support for networked I/O, machine vision systems, laser power sources and other peripheral equipment.

  • Even easier to plug-and-play with other automation equipment
  • Easily add 2D and 3D machine vision
  • Plug-and-play support for laser power sources including IPG and Trumpf

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  • Limitless potential of extensive “CONNECTIVITY”
  • Versatility to “Connect” with facilities, devices and users
  • Easily “connects” with peripheral equipment through simplified system configuration
  • High-performance, built-in, software PLC
  • FREE ISaGRAF (Rockwell Automation) PLC programming software
  • Faster I/O response (less latency) delivers better reaction accuracy
  • Expandability of I/O via a variety of simultaneous protocols
  • Industry 4.0 connectivity via OPC-UA to your production control system
  • Expanded motion control via “connectable” external axis unit
  • Built-in amplifier and external 2-axis unit
  • Enhanced support for high-capacity, 7kW motors
  • Greatly improved synchronization with welders
  • Simultaneous operations with multiple robots yield greater levels of productivity
  • Built-in communication interfaces and commands for both 2D and 3D machine vision systems
  • Offline teaching “CONNECTS” you to uninterrupted production
  • NEW teach pendant delivers enhanced physical “connection” for operation and teaching

FD21 Robot Controller Introduction

OTC DAIHEN robotic welding FD21 teach pendant

FD21 Teach Pendant

The FD21 Teach Pendant represents the newest thinking and design in robot controllers. The FD21 is designed for comfortable, extended use. It’s lighter than the FD11, offers an improved ergonomic grip, features an edgeless LCD display and includes raised tactile buttons. We’ve also eliminated end-of-life failures with a replaceable hook, quick-connects at both ends of the pendant cable and a spatter-resistant screen border.

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  • NEW teach pendant delivers enhanced physical “connection” for operation and teaching
  • Designed for comfortable extended use
    • 66% less arm fatigue
    • Weight reduced by 15%
    • Grip redesigned with comfortable 3D contouring
  • Easy-to-press keypad with lighter press force
  • Keypad delivers tactile <click> feedback
  • Raised features on the keypad for tactile, “no-look” navigation
  • Weld-spatter-resistant border around touch-screen
  • Pluggable teach pendant cable for rapid damaged cable replacement
  • Hanger hook is now a replaceable wear item
  • Touch-screen upgraded
    • Improved resolution and contrast
    • Faster response
    • Finer touch resolution
  • Supports touch-screen only program editing
  • Scroll with swiping action
  • On-screen keypad for numeric entry
  • Menu icons for tablet/phone-like operation

Work Faster and Smarter With an Eye to the Future: The All-New OTC DAIHEN FD21

OTC DAIHEN robotic welding JoyPen Joystick pendant

JoyPEN Joystick Pendant

Innovation at its best! Make your robot move as you move. The JoyPEN Joystick Pendant by OTC DAIHEN is similar to a game controller. You hold it in your hand. Point, move — your robot moves.

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  • Lightweight and one-handed, similar to a game controller
  • The robot moves as you move, following the direction of the JoyPEN, all the while recording the path to, from and welding
  • Weld locations are optimized with wire touch sensing
  • Full pendant-like functionality, without the learning curve!
  • Welding, gripping and weaving parameters set and adjusted via the built-in display
  • Inch/retract wire and gas check are in there too!
  • Gain intuitive operation, faster robot programming and even faster welding processes
OTC DAIHEN FD21 welding robot controller

WiTP – Wireless Teach Pendant

The WiTP – Wireless Teach Pendant makes teaching easier. Freed from the troublesome cable, the operator can move about freely while performing teaching tasks.

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  • Wireless design ensures a tidy workspace
  • Incorporates a high-capacity battery
  • To recharge, simply place the pendant on the cradle. The screen of the WiTP remains usable even during charging.
  • Operator can manage multiple robots within this single pendant
  • Includes user-friendly maintenance manual on the WiTP screen
  • Robot emergency stop button for optimal safety
  • Weight: 1350g
  • Operation time: Up to 5 hours continuous operation 
  • Full charge time: 3 hours (with Teach Pendant powered OFF)
  • Fast charge: 1 hour (with Teach Pendant powered OFF). Provides about 4 hours of continuous operation.
  • Ambient operating temperature: 0-40’C 
  • External memory: USB memory
  • Wireless standard: 802.11a/n
  • Cradle charge input voltage: AC 80- 264V (1Ø)