Robotic Welding Cells


The OTC DAIHEN TRI-ARC cell features a “Ferris wheel” positioner that mimics the functionality of a ROTA-ARC cell but indexes between the A and B stations by pivoting over/under to reduce the floor space requirement in your shop. Typically implemented with multiple robots (2-3) to share the welding load for reduced cycle times.

OTC DAIHEN robot welder FD-B6
OTC DAIHEN TRI-ARC 100- robotic welding cell

TRI-ARC 1000

The OTC TRI-ARC 1000 is a three-axis, servo-controlled positioning cell offering dual head and tailstock positioning stations and a primary rotational axis to present each station to the robot. The heavy-duty design accommodates large components up to 3500mm in length and requires less floor space. Ideal for speed junkies whose production demands welding robot(s) mass-produce weldments at the fastest possible TAKT times. Any parts compatible with the DT-ARC or ROTA-ARC series would experience a production boost with the TRI-ARC welding robot cell.

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  • Ideal for mass producing weldments at the fastest possible TAKT times
  • Heavy-duty design to accommodate large components up to 3500mm in length
  • Requires less floor space while allowing single load and unload points for minimal operator movement during operation
  • 3-axis Ferris wheel positioner with (2) headstock/tailstock stations
  • 2-3 arc welding robots
  • Robot manipulator
  • Integrated Welbee II advanced welding power source with wire feeder and torch
  • Advanced robot controller
  • Teach pendant
  • Floor-mounted safety fencing w/ arc flash curtains 
  • Utility trailer
  • Find additional options in the Resources tab
  • Work Capacity: 1000 kg/side
  • Standard HS/TS span: 2000mm
  • Index Speed: 5 seconds
  • HS/TS swing diameter: 1050mm
  • Weight: approx. 5500kg
  • Width: 5618mm (221.2”)
  • Height: 3460mm (136.2”)
  • Depth: 6437mm (253.4”)

FD-ST simulation of TRI-ARC robotic welding cell

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