OTC DAIHEN Welding Programs & Training

OTC DAIHEN provides a full range of training classes to help you use and maintain your welding solutions. Classes are open to customers in North and South America and are held weekly at our Ohio headquarters. On-site sessions can also be scheduled at your facility.

What kind of training do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of hands-on classes to help users of all experience levels increase knowledge, hone skills, and reinforce safety practices. All instructors are active service and application engineers with extensive knowledge of our products and industry.

How much does training cost?

Email us, and we’ll send you a comprehensive quote, whether you’ll be traveling to our headquarters in Ohio or would like an on-site training.

I usually work through a distributor. Can I still attend training?

We suggest talking to your distributor to find out how they’d like you to attend training. If you aren’t sure who your distributor is, email us and we’ll help you out.

What details do I need to know about on-site classes? Is lunch provided?

I have a training credit. How does that work?

Contact us via email, and we’ll give you a job number to add to your registration form.

Can I jump right into advanced training?

We appreciate your enthusiasm! Some courses do have a prerequisite, which will be noted on the class listing.

How to Register


We’ll send you an acknowledgment for each registration form received, indicating the selected class dates and PO number confirmation.