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OTC DAIHEN has been in business for more than 100 years, beginning as the Osaka Transformer Company (OTC) in 1919. We’ve seen it all when it comes to welding and robots. As a single-source solution, we can fulfill your welding and robotics needs, train you, and provide the equipment service to keep you up and running.

How can OTC DAIHEN help me?

Our solutions are known for creating higher efficiencies in production with less rework. We provide manual welding, welding power source, and robotic welding products. We’re also here to train your team on how to program and operate the equipment, provide service and support, and more.

See what we can do for you with a weld sample request.

What are the benefits of automation with robots?

Robots are the answer to the declining availability of skilled welders and an increase in production demand. One robot can be programmed to hold up to 10,000 programs in its memory, making switchover between parts simple.

Automation also leads to improved quality, consistency, and efficiency. You’ll see every part coming out just like the last, enabling you to keep up with demand and reduce or eliminate rework.

Today’s robots are safe, easy to use, and a valuable part of your production unit.

I’m interested in automation but don’t know what I need. Can you help me?

We’re happy to evaluate if automation is right for your production line and help find the best solution. We’ll visit your plant and conduct an analysis to see how automation could benefit your specific production unit. Contact us to learn more.

Can each robot only produce one part?

Robots can be programmed to hold up to 10,000 programs. Switchover is simple. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an immensely high volume of parts to justify automation. The quality and consistency produced over runs of even a few hundred parts can justify the robot’s expense.

I don’t know anything about robotic programming. Is it difficult?

Robotic programming has become more user-friendly than ever. A robot is just a piece of machinery without a skilled programmer behind it. Your welders are the programmers of tomorrow. Our training center provides the skills and hands-on experience to guide welders toward implementing automation at your facility.

See our upcoming training courses here.

Can you create a sample weld for me?

Absolutely. A sample weld is the best way for you to see how an OTC DAIHEN solution can help you. Just fill out this form to request your sample, and we’ll be in touch.

OTC DAIHEN talks a lot about reducing spatter. Why?

Spatter is the Hans Gruber of the welding world. Simply put, it’s beads of metal that form around a weld and signal poor weld quality. OTC DAIHEN products are known for reducing or eliminating spatter for a weld that looks good and performs even better.

Read more about spatter.

How much will a robot solution cost?

Many people are surprised when they realize that an automation solution is likely more affordable than they think. It all depends on how many robots you need, the setup, if you require customization, and any number of other variables.

Start with a free welding cost analysis to learn how to reduce overhead costs and justify purchasing new equipment.

What will my return on investment be?

An OTC DAIHEN robot pays for itself as you gain consistency and efficiency in production, year after year. Contact us to talk ROI.

What are the advantages of OTC DAIHEN products?

We make all the components of our products, so you only need to deal with one company for service and support. And we stand behind the quality and consistency of our products every time. With OTC DAIHEN, you can create welds with little to no prep and post-weld cleanup on every range of material thickness.

Contact us to talk to a real person. We’ll help you see how you can increase efficiency and output.

What kind of support will OTC DAIHEN provide after purchase? Do you provide robot training?

The official sale is just the beginning of our relationship with your team. After you’ve decided to purchase an OTC DAIHEN solution, we’ll be on hand whenever you need us for trainingservice and support, replacement parts, and anything else that will help you get the most use out of your purchase.

What warranties do you offer?

We stand behind our products and service every step of the way. Warranties vary depending on the equipment or service you purchase. See our full warranty information here.

What’s the benefit of your manual welding equipment?

Our wire feeders, welding power sources, torches, and more provide clean, consistent welds every time. They’re also backed with our One Source promise – we make them all, so you only need to contact one company when you need service or support.

Where can I find product manuals and spec sheets?

Find all of our product manuals and spec sheets here.

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