Ultra Low Spatter Welding Technology – Synchro Feed Evolution

Improve productivity and quality with the most advanced robotic wire feeder and heat input system in the industry. This low-spatter technology achieves an ultra-low-spatter weld with no grinding needed.

What is Synchro Feed Evolution?

Synchro Feed Evolution is an ultra low spatter welding technology for robotic MIG, MAG and CO2 welding. The technology developed by OTC DAIHEN, the world’s leader in arc welding technology, combines a revolutionary wire retraction system in the torch with a high-speed processor in the power source that together creates minimal spatter and a stable arc.


Advancements in Synchro Feed Evolution

The technology has advanced from its initial release as Synchro Feed into Synchro Feed Evolution, which consolidated the torch hardware for faster connection and added two new advanced welding modes for additional capabilities.

Connection Time

Connection time is only 2 minutes with a new coaxial power cable that creates a single connection point.

Materials that Benefit from Synchro Feed Evolution


Sheet Metal

High-quality welding and no burn-through on very thin plates, even with 1.2mm wire (helps reduce costs).


Thick Steel Plate

Low-spatter welding that ensures sufficient penetration even at high current. Torch weaving also achieves a beautiful bead with low spatter.


High-quality welding with low spatter achieves low smut with low heat input. Learn more in our article on how the technology is beneficial in welding aluminum and high-tensile steels.

Stainless and Galvanized Steel Plate

High-quality, smooth welding with low spatter, even on stainless and galvanized steel plates. Adaptable to various manufacturing processes.

Zinc-Plated Steel

An enlarged molten pool prevents pitting and the formation of blow holes for a higher-quality weld on zinc-plated steel. Learn more in our article on overcoming challenges welding zinc-plated steel.


The Key Components of Synchro Feed Evolution

Pull Feeding Unit (Model AFPS-2503 for steel with RT3500H Torch shown)

Wire Buffer (Model L-11610 for steel shown)

Push Feeder (Model AFS-2301 for steel with Wire Reel Stand shown)

Wire Feed Control Device AFCA-S1W04

Welding Power Supply WELBEE II P500L

Range of Welding Applications

Range of applications for the Synchro-Feed welding system

MaterialMild SteelGalvanized Steel PlateStainless Steel (Ferrite, Austenite)Aluminum
Shiedling GasCO2/MAGCO2/MAGMIG (98%Ar+2%O2)MIG (100%Ar)
Applicable Wire Diameter ø0.9ø1.0ø1.2ø1.2 ø1.2 ø1.2
Wire Stock MethodWire reel/pack wire
Welding CurrentCO2: 50–200ACO2: 50–250ACO2: 50–300ACO2: 50–300AMIG (98%Ar+2%O2): 50–300AMIG (100%Ar): 40–150A
Welding CurrentMAG: 50–180AMAG: 50–250AMAG: 50–330A
Rated Duty Cycle*1 100%*2, *4100%*3, *4100%*2, *4100%*2, *4100%*2, *4
Applicable TipsWelding Current: 50–200A: FA tip, 200–400A: E tipTip for Aluminum
Max. Cable Length in Conduit5m

*1 Ambient temperature 45°C (113°F)
*2 When used at 100% rated duty cycle, cooling air supplied at 0.30MPa is required.
*3 When CO2 welding at 300A or higher, the RT5000H torch and cooling air supplied at 0.35MPa are required. When MAG welding at 250A or higher, the RT5000H torch and cooling air supplied at 0.45MPa are required.
*4 When no cooling air is supplied, the rated duty cycle is limited to 30%.

Making the Switch from TIG to Robotic MIG

While manual TIG welding can create that precise and aesthetically pleasing weld needed on critical welding tasks, it is time-consuming, difficult to learn and can be a challenge to find skilled labor. Synchro Feed Evolution is proven to create the same welding bead as TIG, allowing for manufacturers to switch from a manual TIG process to a much-faster robotic MIG process.


Robotic Welder Training

While there is always a learning curve with new technology, Synchro Feed Evolution and all of OTC DAIHEN’s robotic welding solutions are user-friendly, with on-screen displays of functions, errors and data tracking to help all levels of welders achieve optimal results. OTC DAIHEN also has a Free For Life Training program to ensure your team has the training they need, when they need it.

Why Choose an OTC DAIHEN Arc Welding Robot

  • The world’s No. 1 arc welding robot
  • A single-source solution with all components manufactured by OTC DAIHEN
  • Free training for life
  • Expert service and support