Welding Robots

Robot Sensors

All OTC DAIHEN weld sensing solutions are single-source supplied with interfaces built into our teach pendant. Our robot sensors offer real-time position tracking, seam tracking, groove detection and material thickness monitoring for optimal weld accuracy.

FD-QD 3D Laser Touchless Robotic Welding Sensor
OTC DAIHEN FD-QT Laser Tracking Welding Robot Sensor

FD-QT Laser Tracking Sensor

The FD-QT Laser Tracking Sensor provides look-ahead tracking, feature detection and gap measurement for your most challenging robotic welding applications. Incorporating a projected laser stripe and built-in camera, this sensor is fully integrated into your FD-series robot controller and teach pendant, allowing simple setup and live monitoring of the joint via the touch-screen of the pendant.

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  • NO PC required
  • Live view of joint profile
  • Simple setup via built-in library of joint profile geometry
  • 12 unique built-in joint geometries
  • No guesswork delivers a simple setup!

The FD-QT delivers flawless detection of the following weld joint information:

  • Seam finding
  • Active seam tracking
  • Start-point and end-point detection
  • Torch angle control (maintain tangent attitude to weldment surface)
  • Gap measurement for adaptive weld control

OTC DAIHEN FD-QT Seam Tracking Sensor

FD-QD 3D Laser Touchless Robotic Welding Sensor

FD-QD Non-Contact “Touchless” Sensor

Quick and accurate part deviation detection! The FD-QD (Quick Detect) is a 3D laser search system that boosts your productivity by recognizing problems before they occur. This incredible system shifts its taught programs to match the actual location of the workpieces – even with difficult joints. FD-QD is well suited for a variety of applications, including standard MIG, TIG, and air plasma cutting.

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  • Designed for arc welding applications
  • Full operation via teaching pendant
  • Unique concept sensing system with better versatility for deviation detection
  • Laser detection provides quick sensing with the highest degree of accuracy
  • Fully integrated functions developed by DAIHEN
  • Response time is blazing fast
  • Can search at speeds of up to 200cm/min
  • Ideal for thin plate applications that can’t be monitored by touch sensor
  • All search parameters set via the teach pendant

LT ARC (Slider) Production Robotic Welding Cell with Touchless Sensor

OTC DAIHEN FD-AR Robotic Welding Seam Tracking Sensor

FD-AR Through-Arc Seam Tracking

The FD-AR system is a real-time robotic seam tracking sensor used to maintain optimal welding conditions. By measuring weld data via an arc tracking system, the FD-AR determines whether production welds are living up to their quality standards.

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  • Through-arc seam tracking
  • Simple and easy operation
  • No additional torch components for easy maintenance
  • Most popular sensor worldwide
  • High-reliability and versatility
  • Good for mid to thick plate mild-steel/stainless applications
  • Settings and controls in the teaching pendant are in a dedicated user-friendly menu
  • Easy to understand & easy to use
Touch Sensing

FD-WD/WD-H Touch Sensing

The FD-WD and FD-WD-H sensors enable a robotic deviation detection system used for finding linear changes in a part. Wire sensing is the most common sensing method available. No additional hardware is required (all sensing is performed via the weld wire).

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  • Conventional sensing with modern functions
  • Simple and easy to use, yet quite versatile
  • Various functions for many applications
  • Dedicated, designed menu in teaching pendant
  • Programmable commands increase range of usability
OTC DAIHEN FD-TR TIG Arc Robot Welding Sensor

FD-TR TIG Arc Sensor

Need the highest degree of precision during robotic TIG arc welding? Upgrade your setup with DAIHEN’s FD-TR system, the leading edge real-time robotic tracking sensor used to maintain optimal welding conditions. By measuring arc voltage during welding, the FD-TR arc sensor moves the torch vertically in order to maintain the best possible constant arc length. Feedback is relayed via the tungsten electrode in the torch.

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  • Real-time tracking to compensate for defects in parts such as distortion, poor fit-up, loose fixtures, and more
  • Available for a wide range of plate thicknesses, 0.040″ (1.0mm) and greater
  • Simple and easy operation via dedicated menu in the teach pendant
  • No problem in TIG welding environments
  • High-reliability and versatility
  • Excellent for all plate thicknesses
  • Settings and controls in the teaching pendant are in a dedicated, user-friendly menu
  • Simple configuration that can be connected to any type of OTC DAIHEN TIG machine
  • Stable and accurate tracking