The Plasma Jet TIG Welder – The Highest Efficiency & Quality

Achieve the highest efficiency and quality in TIG welding with the all-new Plasma Jet TIG welder and its revolutionary inner nozzle system.

What is the Plasma Jet TIG Welder?

The foundation of the Plasma Jet TIG welder by OTC DAIHEN is the torch, where an additional inner nozzle system creates a high-speed gas flow that concentrates the arc to achieve the highest efficiency and quality in TIG welding. The system includes the Plasma Jet TIG torch, an advanced gas control device and the Welbee TIG welding power source.

How Does Plasma Jet TIG Technology Work?

The Plasma Jet TIG welder is based on a modern inverter TIG power source that is taken to the next level with a secondary argon delivery system, running off of a secondary argon bottle. The power source and secondary bottle supply higher velocity flow to a secondary inner nozzle that surrounds the tungsten electrodes on the torch.

The system looks like a typical heavy-duty TIG torch, but what makes it operate above the rest is the advanced inner nozzle technology. The inner nozzle system directs a high-velocity flow of argon around the electrode that compresses that gas into a high jet stream flow that ionizes that gas into a plasma jet stream. This generates more intense energy that is completely compressed and focused into one spot, creating a weld two times faster than other TIG welders with a penetration that is 2.7 times deeper.

Benefits of the Plasma Jet TIG Welder

2.7 times deeper penetration than other TIG welders for stronger, higher-quality welds

2 times faster than other TIG welders, with less time to form a molten pool for quicker starts

No zinc vapors adhere to the electrode to stabilize the weld and extend the life of consumables

How the Plasma Jet TIG Welds on Various Materials

Galvanized Steel

Weld for longer periods of time on galvanized steel material before the electrodes need to be replaced, resulting in higher production and less cost.

Mild Steel

Prevent bead distortion on mild steel, creating longer periods of stable arc, higher quality and higher efficiency.

Stainless Steel

Reduce weld discoloration on stainless steel via its concentrated arc that allows for a lower arc current.


Improve arc rigidity and penetration depth (2.7X deeper) when welding on aluminum.

Plasma Jet TIG Demo

Rush Kane of Salt Lake City, Utah-based Kane Industries calls OTC DAIHEN’s Plasma Jet TIG technology phenomenal. “It’s just a super efficient process. The energy utilization is phenomenal,” Kane says in this recent video from FABTECH, where he walks through how the welding technology works. Watch Kane’s demo in this blog.


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