Welding Power Sources

Delivering Consistency, Reliability and Value

Learn more about OTC DAIHEN’s Ultra Low Spatter Welding Technology – Synchro Feed Evolution!

Welbee Power Sources

A leader in innovation, the Welbee II Welding Power Source series provides the highest efficiency and quality in arc welding

Welding Torches & Wire Feeders

Known for being trouble-free and reliable; designed to produce a consistent weld

The Most Advanced and Precise Power Sources on the Market

Are your welding power sources costing you productivity? Do you regularly have rejected welds due to poor quality, experience weld spatter and cleanup, or lack machine capabilities? At OTC DAIHEN, we have some of the most advanced and precise power sources on the market. Let us help you find the best welding power source to fit your processes, capabilities, space and future plans for growth.

OTC DAIHEN Welding Power Sources

Welbee power sources offer proven reliability at an affordable price, with the newest Welbee II series delivering the most advanced welding technology. Competitors cannot match the Welbee processing speed. Due to the proprietary LSI/ASIC Welbee weld processor, Welbee power sources react faster to the arc and adjust quicker per second to deliver optimal welds every time.

Customers have converted from Lincoln, Miller, ESAB and Fronius to a Welbee due to its proven weld consistency, weld quality and value. Welbee’s user-friendly technology also brings reliability to the job, no matter the welder’s skill level.

OTC DAIHEN offers a variety of welding power sources to fit many industries and production needs. Contact us to learn more about the various models, available options, dimensions and specifications.