Welding Power Sources

MIG Welding Power Sources

OTC DAIHEN MIG welding power sources provide a high-quality weld on a variety of material thicknesses, from thinner metals to steel, stainless steel, aluminum and super alloys. With an OTC DAIHEN power source, you can expect a clean, reliable and repeatable weld every time.

OTC DAIHEN Welbee W 400 Welding Power Source
OTC DAIHEN MIG 135 Welding Power Source


The MIG 135 is the ideal solution for small welding jobs and repairs. This has been a long-time favorite seller with sign shops, auto repair centers and general construction workers. The MIG 135 utilizes a special weld spool gun, also provided by OTC DAIHEN.

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  • The MIG 135 comes with five separate welding modes:
    • MAG welding of mild steel
    • MIG welding of aluminum
    • MIG welding of stainless steel
    • MIG welding of galvanized steel
    • Arc spot welding
  • Ideal for thin sheet metal welding. By utilizing small wire diameters of .025″ and .030″, the MIG 135 is capable of high-speed welding for extremely thin materials, thereby eliminating slow, more tedious TIG processes.
  • Integrated wire spool and torch. Since the wire spool is incorporated in the torch, welding is possible up to 25 feet from the power source (60 feet with option).
  • Small diameter wires of .025″ and .030″ provide support for thin material.
  • Lightweight spool-gun weighs only 2.5 lbs.
  • Quick change wire spools.
OTC DAIHEN Welbee W 400 Welding Power Source

Welbee W400 Dual-Inverter, AC-MIG DC, DC Pulse, AC Pulse, AC WavePulse Weld Power Source

Our 400A dual-inverter-based weld power source delivers AC-MIG welding with both WavePulse and AC WavePulse capability. This Welbee W400 is ideal for applications requiring precise control of the heat input to the substrate in balance with the heat input to the welding wire. Find all Welbee welding power sources here.

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  • Improved welding support for thin plate aluminum via improved AC welding mode
  • Synchro-MIG function allows for optimized welding of different plate thicknesses
  • AC Pulse and AC WavePulse modes provide beautiful welds with reduced soot
  • Standard Aluminum & Stainless Steel welding modes
  • 80 kHz Digital Inverter
  • Control the weld current via a torch switch
  • Crater Fill Function prevents crater oxidation
  • 3 phase primary (460 Volts)
  • 100 job memory storage for semi-automatic use

WELBEE W400 AC-MIG Weld Power Source

WavePulse MIG welding by OTC DAIHEN

OTC DAIHEN D-12000 Air Plasma Cutter


Capable of clean cutting nearly 2-inch carbon steel and aluminum alloys, the D-12000 is a safe and economical alternative to Oxy-fuel cutting. It offers more unique, user-friendly features than any machine in its class.

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  • Maximum cut up to 2-1/2 inch
  • Water-cooled – 100% duty cycle
  • Built-in water circulator extends torch and consumable life
  • Faster, safer and more economical than oxy-fuel on 1″ carbon steel
  • Superior gouging capabilities
  • I/O receptacle for automated cutting
  • Built-in torch guard function (alarm indicates replacement time of tip and electrode)
  • Wide operation area (Up to 100 ft. torch option)
  • Advanced safety protection circuits
  • Fully variable output
  • Cruise control
  • Pulsed pilot arc start reduces electrode wear
  • Diagnostic indications for troubleshooting
  • Wheels provided for greater maneuverability
  • Long consumable life. The D-12000’s built-in water circulator provides efficient cooling of the torch head and circulates water directly inside the electrode for extended consumable life. Compressed air is used for cutting and cooling the torch, thereby eliminating the need for expensive gases.
  • Production cuts up to 2-inch thick material (including aluminum).