Synchro-feed GMAW Robotic Welding

Synchro-feed GMA welding technology is an exclusive product of OTC DAIHEN enabled by the tightest integration and single-sourcing of networked robotics, weld power source, welding process and wire delivery system that virtually eliminates weld spatter.
– Are rework and cleanup due to weld spatter an issue for your company?
– Are the fit-up problems due to weld spatter slowing down your assembly process?
– Is weld appearance important to the image and value of your product?

Our Synchro-feed welding system can not only save you time and money, but allow you to produce even more product from the added efficiency it ensures.

Synchro-feed welding is a GMA welding system that produces a high quality, high-speed welds with virtually no post-weld clean up required.  Via a welding process called PulseDip, it incorporates a servo-driven wire feeder within the torch body that advances the welding wire forward to create an arc and then very precisely retracts the wire while synchronizing with a specialized weld current waveform that extinguishes the arc to create consistent droplet transfer with virtually zero weld spatter.  This results in a very neat, precise weld laid down at a rate up to 100 inches (254 cm) per minute using a weld current up to 300 amps.

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