FD-SFH Super Fast Laser Search


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The FD-SFH is a highly precise laser with less interference than conventional sensors. Used for compensating for gaps, part distortion, inconsistencies, tacks and other small defects with extreme accuracy and rapid feedback. The FD-SFH sensor is extremely flexible and well-suited for a wide variety of applications.

FD-SFH’s Assist Robot Teaching function provides users with an easy-to-use interface to save time programming. Operators also benefit from a digital display built into the sensor for checking operating conditions. AII-SF can switch welding conditions automatically on-the-fly, based on the size of the detected gap!

  • Designed for harsh arc welding environments.
  • Protects against spatter and fumes by purging air.
  • No interference around the torch body.
  • Easy to replace protective lens.
  • Digital display for distance or operating conditions.
  • Compact design and easy maintenance.
  • Dedicated menu provides user-friendly interface and easy-to-use operation via the teach pendant.
  • Advanced 3D tracking technologies provide stable and accurate tracking results.
  • Full support for all equipment (Robot, Welder and Sensor) from OTC DAIHEN


How it Works

The arc sensor constantly monitors arc conditions in the weld. If the software detects less than optimum weld settings, the main system controller is notified and automatically corrects the welding conditions and position of the torch.

With the conventional method, the robot corrects the welding conditions based on the weaving position in the weld. When this happens, the welding current is automatically adjusted, based on the calculated distance. Our laser sensing methods adds additional precision and speed to this process.

Arc Sensing Methods

OTC offers 3 methods for seam tracking: Arc Sensor (FD-AR), TIG Arc Sensor (FD-TR) and Laser Tracking (FD-LT).

Specification Value
Please download PDF brochure on Overview page for specifications.

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