FD-V20S 7-axis Robot (20kg payload, 1.7m reach)

Our FD-V20S 7-axis robot offers our largest payload of it’s type and is well-suited for arc-welding, air-plasma cutting and material-handling applications.

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Robot Manipulator

• Rotation of the 7th-axis enables interference avoidance without changing the position and/or attitude of the end-of-arm tool

• Maintains the optimal angle and attitude of the end-of-arm tool at all times, resulting in enhanced weld quality and ease of programming

• Offers a wide working range with an independently articulated arm

• Seamless digital connection with all OTC DAIHEN brand welding power supplies

• Improved vibration restraining control provides smooth robot movement

• Built-in mechanical shock sensor

• Single source technology – all components are manufactured by OTC Daihen.

• Highly versatile design supports most welding applications

FD11 Robot Controller

• Windows XP based open architecture

• Large memory capacity and 40 Input / 40 Output control signals

• Advanced PLC functions allow for ladder diagram editing directly through the teach pendant

• Network capabilities – connects to Ethernet, DeviceNet, and PROFIBUS connections (may require additional hardware)

Teach Pendant

• Icon displays assist in quick & easy teaching

• 640×480 VGA color screen with LED backlight 65536 color display

• 3 position enable switch provides increased safety

• Multi-screen function allows user to view up to 4 screens simultaneously

• On-screen help function with complete instruction manuals

• Standard touch screen display with jog dial operation

Specification Value
Number of Axes 7
Maximum Payload Capacity 20 kg
Positional Repeatability +/- 0.08 mm (Note 1)
Horizontal Reach 1710mm
Vertical Reach 2913mm
Drive Capacity 6600W
Working Range, Arm, J1 (Rotation) +/- 170°
Working Range, Arm, J2 (Lower Arm) -145°~ +70°
Working Range, Arm, J3 (Upper Arm) -170°~ +160°
Working Range, Wrist, J4 (Swing) +/- 180°
Working Range, Wrist, J5 (Bending) -50°~ +230° (Note 2)
Working Range, Wrist, J6 (Twist) +/- 360° (Note 2)
Maximum Velocity, Arm, J1 (Rotation) 3.40 rad/s {195°/s}
Maximum Velocity, Arm, J2 (Lower Arm) 3.32 rad/s {190°/s}
Maximum Velocity, Arm, J3 (Upper Arm) 3.14 rad/s {180°/s}
Maximum Velocity, Wrist, J4 (Swing) 6.98 rad/s {400°/s}
Maximum Velocity, Wrist, J5 (Bending) 6.98 rad/s {400°/s}
Maximum Velocity, Wrist, J6 (Twist) 10.5 rad/s {600°/s}
Wrist Load, Allowable Moment, J4 (Swing) 43.7 N*m
Wrist Load, Allowable Moment, J5 (Bending) 43.7 N*m
Wrist Load, Allowable Moment, J6 (Twist) 19.6 N*m
Wrist Load, Allowable Moment of Inertia, J4 (Swing) 1.09 kg*m^2
Wrist Load, Allowable Moment of Inertia, J5 (Bending) 1.09 kg *m^2
Wrist Load, Allowable Moment of Inertia, J6 (Twist) 0.24 kg *m^2
Arm operation cross-sectional area 3.91 m^2 x 340°
Environmental Conditions 0 ~ 45°C, 20 ~ 80 %RH (No condensation)
Mass 321 kg
Upper arm payload capacity 20 kg (Note 3)
Installation type Floor type
Paint color White (Munsell 10GY9/1)

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