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Watch OTC DAIHEN Solutions in Action

Industrial Rack Arc-Welding via an Overhead Gantry-Rail Mounted Robot By OTC DAIHEN

Production Robotic Aluminum Welding with the World’s #1 Arc Welding Robot

Robotic Weld AC-MIG Hard-Facing with Welbee WB-W400, Dual-Inverter

ROTA-ARC 1000 Dual Robot Production Welding Cell

ECO-ARC 200XL 120 Degree Custom Robotic Welding Cell

LT-ARC Robotic Arc Welding Cell with Dual Opposing Headstock/Tailstock Stations

Top 5 Features of the OTC DAIHEN FD21 Robot Controller/Teach Pendant

Synchro-feed No-spatter Welding on Stainless Steel Tube Clamp

Manual Aluminum Arc Welding using WavePulse II on a Welbee P400 Welding Power Source