Welding Cost Analysis


OTC DAIHEN is proud to offer our customers a free weld-cost analysis to determine how our products can help you save money and improve production. Our formulas are based on years of careful research and quality control, so you can expect highly accurate recommendations. We provide solutions for all supported welding processes, including GMAW, GTAW, and Air Plasma Cutting.

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We are currently offering a free weld-cost analysis to anyone interested in learning how to reduce their overhead costs and justify purchasing new equipment.

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Below is one example of the results you can expect with this program. Contact us for details, so you can start saving!

Weld Cost Analysis
Cost per hundred feet of weld Proposed Method Present Method Difference
Robotic Pulsed GMAW system Semiautomatic GMAW
Labor & Overhead $ / 100 ft 27.57 102.04 -74.47
Electrode $ / 100 ft 4.03 5.24 -1.21
Gas $ / 100 ft 1.13 1.71 -0.58
Total $ / 100 ft 32.73 108.99 -76.26
Return on Investment of a New Robotic Welding System 25.41 Weeks (based on a 40 hour work week)

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