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OTC DAIHEN has a long and eventful history in the North American market, spanning two companies and four decades. In order to support customers using some of our older robot models, we would like to clarify the names of those models.


In the 1980’s and early 1990’s, OTC DAIHEN manufactured robots for Miller as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). While the robots had existing model numbers and names in Japan, Miller chose to assign their own model numbers (prefixed by the letters “MR”) for the North American market. Miller no longer supports robots manufactured during this era, so the following chart lists MR models for reference.

In 1996, OTC DAIHEN started selling robots under the name “Dynamic Robots,” also referred to as the DR series. The DR series was later succeeded by the EX series, AX series, AII series, and (currently) FD series.


Robot Name Market Name Robot Controller Manufactured
Almega LK LK OSACOM 5000 1984-1988
Almega LA LA OSACOM 5000 1984-1988
Almega SR SR OSACOM 5000 1985-1988
Almega LK-Z LKz OSACOM 5000 1986-1989
Almega G01 G01 OSACOM 6800 (C1) 1988-1995
Almega V01 V01 OSACOM 6800 (C1) 1988-1995
Almega G01S DR-1200 OSACOM 8700 (C2) 1990-2000
Almega W01S DR-1300 OSACOM 8700 (C2) 1993-1998
Almega V01S DR-2200 OSACOM 8700 (C2) 1990-2000
Almega V10S DR-2300 OSACOM 8700 (C2) 1991-2000
Almega EG DR-1000 OSACOM α 1994-2000
Almega EV DR-2000 OSACOM α 1994-1998
Almega Roboland S DR-500 OSACOM Roboland 1994-2002
Almega Roboland H DR-600 OSACOM Roboland 1996-2002
Almega Roboland H06 DR-606 OSACOM 2000 (DR2) 2000-2001
Almega Roboland H10 DR-610 OSACOM 2000 (DR2) 1998-2001
Almega AG03 DR-3000 OSACOM 1000 / 1100 (DR) 1996-2002
Almega AV06 DR-4000 OSACOM 1000 / 1100 (DR) 1996-2004
Almega BG03 DR-3200 OSACOM 2000 (DR2) 1997-2001
Almega BV06 DR-4200 OSACOM 2000 (DR2) 1997-2004
Almega BV06 L DR-4200L OSACOM 2000 (DR2) 1997-2002
Almega BV10 DR-4300 OSACOM 2000 (DR2) 1997-2002
Almega BV16 DR-4400 OSACOM 2000 (DR2) 1997-2002
Almega BV80 DR-4800 OSACOM 2000 (DR2) 1998-2001
Almega BV120 DR-4900 OSACOM 2000 (DR2) 2001
Almega EX-V6 EX-V6 OSACOM EX-C 2000-2005
Almega EX-V6L EX-V6L OSACOM EX-C 2000-2004
Almega EX-H3 EX-H3 OSACOM EX-C 2001-2003
Almega EX-V16 EX-V16 OSACOM EX-C 2001-2004
Almega AX-MV6 AX-V6 OSACOM AX-C 2004-2009
Almega AX-MV6L AX-V6L OSACOM AX-C 2004-2009
Almega AX-MV4 AX-V4 OSACOM AX-C 2005-2009
Almega AX-MV4L AX-V4L OSACOM AX-C 2005-2009
Almega AX-MH3 AX-H3 OSACOM AX-C 2004-2009
Almega AX-MV16 AX-V16 OSACOM AX-C 2004-2009
AII-H5 AII-H5 AX21 2011-2012
AII-NV6 AII-V6 AX21 2009-2012
AII-NV6L AII-V6L AX21 2009-2012
AII-NB4 AII-B4 AX21 2009-2012
AII-NB4L AII-B4L AX21 2009-2012
AII-NV20 AII-V20 AX21 2009-2012
FD-H5 FD-H5 FD11 2012-2020
FD-B4 FD-B4 FD11 2012-2018
FD-B4L FD-B4L FD11 2012-2018
FD-V6 FD-V6 FD11 2012-2018
FD-V6L FD-V6L FD11 2012-2018
FD-V20 FD-V20 FD11 2012-2018
FD-B4S FD-B4S FD11 2015-2020
FD-B4LS FD-B4LS FD11 2015-2020
FD-V6S FD-V6S FD11 2015-2020
FD-V6LS FD-V6LS FD11 2015-2020
FD-V20S FD-V20S FD11 2015-2020
FD-B6 FD-B6 FD11 2018-2020
FD-B6L FD-B6L FD11 2018-2020
FD-V8 FD-V8 FD11 2018-2020
FD-V8L FD-V8 FD11 2018-2020
FD-V25 FD-V25 FD11 2018-2020
FD-A20 FD-A20 FD11 2018-2020
FD-V80 FD-V80 FD11 2019-2020
FD-V100 FD-V100 FD11 2019-2020
FD-V130 FD-V130 FD11 2019-2020
Robot Name Market Name Robot Controller Manufactured
FD-H5 FD-H5 FD19/FD21 2021-
FD-B6 FD-B6 FD19/FD21 2021-
FD-B6L FD-B6L FD19/FD21 2021
FD-V8 FD-V8 FD19/FD21 2021-
FD-V8L FD-V8L FD19/FD21 2021
FD-V25 FD-V25 FD19/FD21 2021
FD-B4S FD-B4S FD19/FD21 2021-
FD-B4LS FD-B4LS FD19/FD21 2021-
FD-V6S FD-V6S FD19/FD21 2021-
FD-V6LS FD-V6LS FD19/FD21 2021-
FD-V20S FD-V20S FD19/FD21 2021-
FD-A20 FD-A20 FD19/FD21 2021-
FD-V80 FD-V80 FD19/FD21 2021-
FD-V100 FD-V100 FD19/FD21 2021-
FD-V130 FD-V130 FD19/FD21 2021-
FD-B6L series 2 FD-B6L s2 FD19/FD21 2021-
FD-V8L series 2 FD-V8L s2 FD19/FD21 2021-
FD-V25 series 2 FD-V25 s2 FD19/FD21 2021-
FD-B100 FD-B100 FD19/FD21 2021-


Looking for manuals and specifications for older OTC DAIHEN and Miller robots? Please contact our Service Department.

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