OTC DAIHEN’s XTEND-ARC BOOM mounting for wire feeders offers more versatility to welding stations with extended reach to allow for cleaner and less cluttered work environments. Part of OTC DAIHEN’s exclusive line of XTEND-ARC products, bringing ease and dependability to work stations, no matter how big or small they may be. With 3 different variations offered, our XTEND-ARC BOOM is built to handle your welding challenge.

  • Expanded work area – OTC DAIHEN’s XTEND-ARC BOOM moves in three directions so that the feeder remains over the work piece, allowing it to be used over a wider work area. The three shaft-type arm supports a wide range of scenarios, from large structures to small work pieces.
  • Simple wire exchange – lifting arm is raised/lowered with an electric actuator, making it simpler to replace the wires in the feeder device.
  • Fold and store – Our lifting arm can be folded toward the support column, for quick and compact storage.
  • Versatility – Mounting options include a free-standing base with vertical post or clamps to attach directly to existing vertical beams at your work site.
Specification Value
Total Assembly Length 10'5 ft
Swivel Arm N/A
Lifting Arm 7'8 ft.
Install Height 8 ft.
Weight 170 lbs.
Total Assembly Length 19'9 ft.
Swivel Arm 10 ft
Lifting Arm 7'8 ft.
Install Height 8 ft.
Weight 364 lbs.
Total Assembly Length 19'9 ft.
Swivel Arm 6'9 ft.
Lifting Arm 10'11 ft.
Install Height 10'6 ft.
Weight 320 lbs.

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