WT3510-MUT Torch

MANUAL Steel torches

All OTC DAIHEN torches are made with the same high degree of quality and are designed specifically to work with our products. For more information on specific torches, please contact our customer service department.

OTC DAIHEN also supplies manual cutting torches (short and long handle types) and a robot-mounted version for use with our D12000 Air Plasma Cutting machine.

  • Torches available for steel, aluminum, stainless, and exotic metal GMAW applications
  • Air cooled, water cooled, and air blow torch models are available
  • Servo driven torches, TIG welding, and plasma cutting torches are also available
Specification Value
Rated Current 350A
Duty Cycle 60%
Built-In Tip 045 Standard Tip
Feeder Connection TWECO #4
Cooling Method Air
Wire Diameter (040), 045, (052)
Cable Length 15ft (4.5m)

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