DAIHEN’s Most advanced robot controller

Electrical Efficiency

Power Conservation mode comes standard. With it, you can reduce your power consumption by up to 50%. When the controller is not in use for a period of time, the fans shut down and the teach pendant backlight shuts off, allowing the user to conserve energy. The Power Conservation mode settings are fully adjustable by the user. We have included an external servo off function in the FD Controller series, which means you can now shut off motors with an external signal allowing for additional energy conservation.

Spatial Efficiency

Spatial Efficiency – This controller is 21% lighter than our previous model. By reducing the controller’s height by 196mm and its depth by 100mm, the FD Robot Controller has 20% less volume overall and allows for additional clearance.

Minimal Maintenance

The FD Robot Controller includes 30% fewer parts than the previous model, thus reducing your spare parts inventory. We have also included a new component called the Ethernet Servo Link. This allows you to link two robots together, eliminating the hardwire connection and cabling.

Refined Operability

A new standard in our FD series is the Torch Shift Function. This function dramatically reduces the teaching workload by letting the user shift the torch position in the entire welding section by either posture, or in XYZ.

High Performance Movement

We have increased the robot controller processing speed to quickly detect the weld start signals. This means a drop in arc start failures, and an ability to achieve high quality bead appearance.

Residual vibration has been reduced by approximately 66%; because of this drastic reduction, high speed approaches are now possible.

Intelligent Troubleshooting and Trace Options

When a welding error occurs, the data can be backed up allowing you to detect the problem faster. You can now choose your method of detecting/tracing. Traceability can either be viewed on the teach pendant [INSERT LINK TO PENDANT] or on a PC with the FD-AM (Arc Monitor) software.

Specification Value
Dimensions Inches: 22.83W x 21.34D x 25.59H mm: 580W x 542D x 650H
Mass 137lbs (62kg)
Ambient temperature range 32 to 113°F (0 to 45°C)
Ambient relative humidity range 20 to 80% RH (non condensing)
Power supply 3-phase 480/240 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz with integrated transformer
General purpose physical I/O 40 inputs, 40 outputs
Memory capacity 160,000 instructions by PTP instruction in a single mechanism
Number of task programs 9,999
External memory USB (Robot Control: 1 slot, Teach Pendant: 1 slot)
Color Munsell notation 10GY 9/1
Operation device
IEC protection class
Cable length

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