FD-V25 series II Robot (25kg payload, 1.71m reach)

Our FD-V25 series II, 6-axis robot is designed for arc welding, cutting and material-handling applications that require a larger payload.  Built-in application signal cable simplifies integration and installation.

This new robot model offers significant improvements over it’s prior version including:

a) Up to 42% faster movement, with all axes experiencing speed increases

b) Weight reduced by 13% aiding robot transport applications on sliders or overhead gantries

c) Improved environmental durability in wet/dusty applications

d) 20% slimmer arm design and 30% smaller base footprint for higher density, multi-robot installations

e) Repeatability improved by 43%

All this and the power and flexibility of the FD-21 robot controller and pendant adds up to an even better solution for your robotic application!

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