FD Teaching Pendant

Teaching your robot
should always be this easy.

Small and Light

The FD Teaching Pendant is 27% lighter and 40% smaller than our previous model, making tight spaces a non-issue and teaching sessions easier.

Simple Backup

With this feature, you can now back up all data directly from the teach pendant. We have included a USB memory slot to make backing up data quick and easy.

Welding Condition Guide Function

This welding database will aid the user in coming up with welding conditions based on plate thickness, joint type, and travel speed. Once these presets are determined the voltage/current are automatically calculated. The end result–optimal welding conditions.

Fluid Operation

Jog Dial makes scrolling through teaching programs, wire inching/retracting, and adjusting the wire aiming position effortless. This intuitive feature grants seamless operation for multiple tasks.

One-Touch Access

The touch panel uses One-Touch Access for programming. This new function decreases amount of keystrokes required to navigate through each menu.

Improved Screen Display

We have updated the screen to a 5.7 inch (640 x 480) LED display capable of 60,000 colors. That is over 59,000 more colors than the last model. This greatly improves readability, clarity of characters, and all screen content.

Operation Buttons Icons

Each operation now has its own icon. This clarifies the action of each button, thus simplifying each programming session and making it easier.

FD Pendant Display
Specification Value
Dimensions Inches: 6.89W x 12.83D x 3.19H mm: 175W x 326D x 81H
Mass Approximately 2.4lbs (1.08kg)
Ambient temperature range
Ambient relative humidity range
Power supply
General purpose physical I/O
Memory capacity
Number of task programs
External memory
Operation device Axis keys, TP selector switch, jog dial, enable switch, operation ready ON key, emergency stop button, USB memory slot (1 slot)
Display 5.7 inches, 640x480 pixels, 65536 colors, touch panel, LED backlit
IEC protection class IP65
Cable length 26.25ft (8m) standard, 49.21ft (15m) optional

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