Keep it all together with one seamless system.

Our lineup features the most advanced welding products in the world, while our user-friendly features and interfaces enable both experienced and novice welders to achieve outstanding quality, consistency, and efficiency.

Industry-Leading Technology. Cutting-Edge Robotics.

OTC DAIHEN has always been a pioneer in advancing welding and automation technology, bringing numerous innovations to the industry:


Multiple units (robots and positioners) moving together in coordination

Constant Arc On

Revolutionary design to maintain a solid arc for AC MIG welding

Synchro Short Pulse Control

Waveform control enabling rapid welding with no spatter

Retract Start Control

Enabling instant arc starts for robotic aluminum MIG welding

One Knob Control

Adjusting welding voltage and current at the same time

Wave Pulse

Creating high speed TIG-like weld beads with pulse MIG welding equipment

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