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Need help with an application? OTC Daihen can help. Our expert team of application engineers are ready to help you develop your process, from small fabrication shops to full-scale production floors.

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Our Solution Center contains all of our latest welding and robotic equipment. We've got just what you need to get an edge over the competition.

Have an application to develop? At our Solution Center, we'll help you develop the process. Just contact a member from our sales staff, or call us at (937) 667-0800 and we'll get you started.

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We love welding! And there's no better way for us to show you this than with actual results—with your parts. At our Solution Centers, we'll help you develop the techniques needed to improve your production.

OTC Daihen Welding Application Solution Center

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OTC Daihen can help.

Robot Training - Go Ahead! Get Hands On Training with the Teach Pendant and our robots.
  • OTC Daihen is well-proven for improving weld quality. With our technology, issues such as burn through, excessive spatter, and high rework rates will soon become a thing of the past.
  • Improve your production: OTC Daihen will work with you to minimize cycle times and maximize your production levels.
  • Our friendly staff is ready to serve you to meet your welding needs.